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Chetan Joshi, Co-Founder and Editor, indiacartoday.com

He is a passionate automotive enthusiast who actively seeks out the latest information in the field of anything related to cars, bikes, the industry, and upcoming events. A Mechanical Engineer by qualification, the professional scene was not enough for him to unleash his vast potential and his limitless bank of information. During graduation, he was actively involved in automotive competitions like Shell Eco Marathon Asia and was always in the middle of things when it came to automobiles.

He now wants to share the wealth of knowledge he has amassed over the years and wants to take his writing skills to the next level. He believes he can make a difference in the minds of people going to buy vehicles in India.

He wants to educate Indians when it comes to buying cars- what all to look for in a car, what is the car’s standing in the global market, what are the safety features, and much more. He believes that only through this knowledge can anyone be qualified to buy himself or herself a vehicle fit for their purpose, rather than just be easy on the pocket.

Chetan understands the value of feedback and thus he would want his viewers to be vocal about the posts and ask questions thus promoting discussion. Topics may range from a new bike to anything new in the industry.

Through his articles and videos, Chetan Joshi will be actively taking on stereotypes in order to educate the viewers on the features of any new vehicle and will himself be sharing his experience on driving, travelling and exploring.