Blacksmith B2 Electric Bike Teased

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Blacksmith B2 Electric Bike Teased

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A Chennai based electric bike manufacturing startup officially founded in 2016, has teased its first production electric motorcycle called as Blacksmith B2. To be launched in the year 2020, it is the first ever electric mobility company in India with patented battery swap technology.

Blacksmith B2 is said to have around 19 hp of power with a peak torque of 96 Nm. It takes its power from a 5 kW asynchronous motor that generates a maximum power of 14.5 kW. Company claims to have a range of 120 Kms with a single battery that can be charged in 4-hours. Provision of dual-battery can up the range to 240 Kms. It also has a claimed top-speed of 120 Kmph.

Production model will come equipped with intelligent Bluetooth, a GPS, an AI system, digital instrument panel, and an anti-theft system with an alarm and circuit closing system. Front end will be dominated by LED projector headlamps, suspension duties will be governed by telescopic front and rear suspension and the bike will ride on 18-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. The B2 will have a ground clearance of 200 mm.

A.R. Karthigeyan, Blacksmith Electric says that even before Blacksmith Electric was officially formed, the team has been researching and developing several prototypes since 2003 and with the patented swapping battery system, the rider can exchange the depleted battery with a fully charged one in a battery station without any tools and in less time than refuelling of a conventional motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. Blacksmith Electric says the battery exchange station is completely safe and fireproof and can be adopted with existing fuel stations. The patented technology includes portable batteries, detachable batteries, quick interchange station, swapping technology, as well as batteries.

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