Meet the New 2019 Range Rover Evoque

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Meet the New 2019 Range Rover Evoque

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Firstly, i would like to say, EVOQUE is a product from Range Rover of such quality through which Range Rover clearly states that with EVOQUE, they are in serious business of OFF-ROADING. It was a hit, when it got launched 7-years ago.

Evoque has got it all and has done it all. In my personal opinion, there is nothing this car cannot do and the 2020 iteration is even more beautiful, sleeker and meaner than it was ever before. On the outside, it gets a new body which is very much similar to the old car design. This car will go against the Audi Q3, BMW X2 and Volvo XC 40 and in terms of design and features Evoque will wage war upon them.

As soon as driver steps into the cabin, it tries to learn from him. over a period of time it even learns the minute details about the driver like the steering position preference, seat position, the climate control setting, whom he likes to call frequently and when, even the seat massage function (soft, hard, fast, slow) is learned and remembered by the Car itself. Furthermore, the Evoque gets two 10-inch high definition touch screens which are a part of Evoque touch pro duo infotainment system, a 12-inch screen behind the steering wheel which displays the speedometer, tachometer along with other driver aid information, heads-up display and also gets a feature called Clear Site Ground View which prevents the driver from curbing the car alloys.

It can be connected to your smart phone through Range Rover application and this will unlock features like Car tracking through GPS, range and fuel level check, pre-heat or cool down cabin function, open or close the windows etc. The owner also gets a smart wrist band which can be used to open or close the doors just through touching the band to Land Rover badge on the rear, without using the keys or even if the keys are hidden somewhere inside the car.

Under the hood, it will come with diesel and petrol engine options. The lowest power diesel will come with 2-Wheel drive system and with a manual gearbox but the rest of the range will get 4-Wheel drive system along with automatic mated gearbox. The 4-Wheel drive automatics are due to get a hybrid system which will come in handy to travel moderate distances without burning diesel or petrol.

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