Porsche reveals Technical Specifications of Taycan

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Porsche reveals Technical Specifications of Taycan

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The total number of electrically powered cars reached some 3.2 million in early 2018. That’s a 55% increase over the previous year. The figure includes all vehicles charged with electricity, such as plug-in hybrids. For Porsche the future is electric. The company wants to shift to electric mobility even before German auto manufacturers.

By 2025 the aim is that every second Porsche sold will have an electric drive unit, with half of the models purely electric and the other half plug-in hybrids. The company will also be investing 6 billion euros in electro mobility through 2022.

The Taycan which was showcased in June this year will be the flagship electric product from Porsche. The company plans to launch the Taycan in 2019. Ahead of its official launch next year, Porsche has revealed the technical specifications of the Porsche Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan will get two permanently excited synchronous electric motors (PSM), like those deployed in the Le Mans–winning 919 Hybrid, that produce a combine output of 600 hp. “We opted for a permanently excited synchronous motor in the Taycan,” reports Heiko Mayer, drive unit project leader. “They combine a high energy density with strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency.” The two PSM electric motors individually power the front and rear axles.

The PSM electric motors boast both extremely high sustained performance and maximum efficiency and are fed by batteries designed to provide 500 kilometers of range. The Taycan sprints from 0 to 100 kmph in well under 3.5 seconds and tops 200 kmph in less than 12 Seconds.

The new generation 800-volt chargers can fast charge its electric motors within 15 minutes, which can return a 400km range. The new generation 800-volt chargers are also downward-compatible for all vehicles on the market with 400-volt technology. “It was a major challenge to achieve such enormous battery capacity both for charging and discharging over the entire temperature range,” says Nora Lobenstein, head of all energy storage systems at Porsche.

Porsche employs the Combined Charging System as the standard in Europe and the US for alternating current (AC) charging and direct current (DC) charging. For Japan and China, Porsche will offer the local standards.

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