Suzuki files patent for unconventional engine design

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Suzuki files patent for unconventional engine design

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Suzuki two-wheelers has filed a patent for the fitment of an engine in a unique way possible. What is said to be unconventional about the engine design is that it is designed and meant to be fitted in the bike frame up-side down. Yes! You have read it correctly. Though, Suzuki is no first mover to try this. Back in 2011, a company called the “Nembo”, an Italian motorcycle firm, tried this upside-down engine in its bike called the 32. However, lack of funding decided the fate of Nembo 32 and a production-ready bike never saw the light of day.

What Nembo experimented and Suzuki wants to apply lies behind a theory of overall mass centralization. For now, the mass of the rider along with the crankshaft is placed at the top of the engine. If the radius around which most of the mass is distributed is reduced, the result is a bike which is much nimbler in its character. Suzuki’s design is different and doesn’t show a completely inverted motor, but it has been angled forward and carries the gearbox in the front (under the cylinder) rather than at the rear of the motor. In the image also, we can see the cylinder now runs almost horizontally, with the cylinder head perpendicular to the top of the fork. This creates more space in the front, allowing the engineers to move the front wheel backwards, resulting in the shorter wheelbase, thus making more room for longer swingarm. Thus, again, improving the handling of the bike.

It will be intriguing to see this technology finally making its way to day light with the backing of Suzuki.

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