Volkswagen India to pay Rs 171-crore as Health fine

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Volkswagen India to pay Rs 171-crore as Health fine

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A regulatory board was formed named “The NGT (National Green Tribunal) panel” in the wake of the 2015 worldwide emission scandal or ‘Dieselgate’ when Volkswagen was discovered blameworthy of deliberately programming its diesel motors with cheat gadgets to meet US emission regulations while it was actually releasing up to 40 times more Nitrous Oxides (NOx) in certifiable conditions.

This 4-member master board has suggested that the German company Volkswagen must pay Rs 171.34 crore as a “conservative” fine for harming the health of people in the country. A media report uncovers that Volkswagen autos discharged roughly 48.678 tons of Nitrous Oxide in 2016. The total evaluation of health damage is determined by taking Delhi as the base city.

The punishment was resolved on the basis of units Volkswagen sold in India during that time which stands out to be 3.27 Lakh and these cars were equipped with deceitful software. A report was documented on orders passed by NGT administrator Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel on November 16, 2018, when Volkswagen was coordinated to deposit Rs 100 crores within one month at the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). Furthermore, this has elevated the concentrations of NO2 and longer exposure to this much concentration will bring respiratory infections and increase in asthma patients in India.

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